Our Maldives Guesthouse

Maldives Guesthouse: Cokes Surf Shack is your place for surfing in Maldives

Maldives Guesthouse: Cokes Surf Shack is your place for surfing in Maldives

Our Maldives Guesthouse: Cokes Surf Shack is a locally owned and run guesthouse on the island of Thulusdhoo in the North Male Atoll. It is located right on the waterfront with unmatched views across to Kuda Viligili (Chickens Island), the tranquil lagoon, and tropical deep blue waters. The beach in front of our Maldives Surf Guesthouse is a place to relax and enjoy the turquoise water and white sand. It offers an alternative to the expensive resorts and makes cheap holidays on Maldives possible. And on top of that two of the most popular spots for Surfing in Maldives are just in front of the door.

Five rooms are available with single and twin share options. Our guesthouse is family friendly and also perfect for both singles and couples alike who want to enjoy their holdiday in the Maldives. We provide our guests with free use of bikes, kayaks, snorkelling gear, and internet WiFi.


About our Maldives Guesthouse: Cokes Surf Shack


Maldives Guesthouse: Cokes Surf Shack Owners

The owners of our Maldives Guesthouse: Cokes Surf Shack.

The Maldives Guesthouse: Run by a familiy

Since 2009 it is possible for locals to open guesthouses in Maldives. Owned and run by a Thulusdhoo family, Cokes Surf Shack aims to provide you with a truly authentic Maldivian experience. The ladies of the family are great cooks (guest participation is recommended), Shahid (the boss) excels in his management and the children are always keen to play.


The view of the sunrise from our guesthouse in Maldives: Cokes Surf Shack

The view of the sunrise from our guesthouse Cokes Surf Shack

The location of our typical Maldivian Guesthouse

Thulusdhoo island is located 28km North of the capital ‘Male’. Approximately 1,400 locals inhabit the island. Facilities on the island include a School, Polytechnic, Medical Center, Police Station, and sporting grounds, along with numerous shops and other industry. Walking around the islands white sandy beaches takes around 45 minutes. We provide bikes which are perfect for exploring the islands quiet sandy streets.

In this environment our Maldives guesthouse: Cokes Surf Shack wants to provide the guests with all comfort. Numerous beautiful white beaches surround the island and are perfect for your surfing holidays in Maldives. Staying on a local island like Thulusdhoo is a way of spending cheap holidays on Maldives compared to the resorts without cutting back on beautiful beaches, turquoise water and coral reefs.


Environmentally Aware

Our desire is to provide an ethically sound business that will benefit the local community, while keeping our environmental impact to an absolute minimum. Our efforts have reduced waste such as plastic bottles and other non bio-degradables to an absolute minimum, while recycling is maximized. We believe our efforts in this area have made us the most environmentally sound guesthouse on Thulusdhoo – hoping to preserve the island’s natural beauty for generations to come.

Our Maldives guesthouse is environmentally friendly

Our Maldives guesthouse puts large efforts into preserving bio diversity

Guesthouse Maldives: Cokes Surf Shack works for sustainability

Cokes Surf Shack: Our surf guesthouse in Maldives works for sustainability

A garden lizard in front of our typical maldivian guesthouse

A garden lizard in front of our typical maldivian guesthouse on Thulusdhoo island