Surfing in Thulusdhoo

Surfing Maldives: Thulusdhoo has some of the best surfing spots in Maldives

Surfing Maldives: Thulusdhoo has some of the best surfing spots in Maldives

Apart of the most beautiful beaches and turquois water the Maldives are world famous for surfing opportunities. On CNN’s Top 50 surfing destinations in the world you can find the Maldives among the Top 10. The Maldives were discovered as a surfing paradise in the early 70’s by two pioneers in the surfing field who shipwrecked north of the capital island Malé. This is the reason why many surf camps, resorts and guesthouses opened their doors with premium to reasonably priced surf packages.

Surfing on Maldives Island Thulusdhoo

Our surfer guesthouse is on Thulusdoo island which benefits from the world renowned surfing conditions. Its consistency, quality of ride, and serene natural surrounds. Thulusdhoo is in the thick of an incredible stretch of coastline ideal for a perfect surfing experience in Maldives. Thulusdhoo has two famous surf spots Cokes and Chickens.

Swells begin arriving toward the end of March, increasing in consistency and peaking from June to August. Great waves can still be had in September with October easing and November being a better time to simply snorkel. Water temperature averages 28°C though occasionally steps up to 30°C. The reef bottom surf breaks offer everything from peaky performance waves to long gentle glassy walls, almond shaped tubes, and occasional days of heaving round barrels.


Surfing Maldives: Cokes performance wave Thulusdhoo

Cokes wave Thulusdhoo: One of the most conistent performance waves for Surfers in Maldives

Cokes: Most consistent Performance Wave for Surfing in Maldives

Breaking right off Thulusdhoo island, in clear view of Cokes Surf Shack, this premier right hander is probably the most consistent performance wave in the Maldives. The surfing spot is named after the Coca Cola factory situated on Thulusdhoo island. The wave is recommened for surfers with at least some experience as waves go up to three meters. Small peaky days consist of back-dooring small A-frame barrels, exiting the barrel section with speed for one or two performance turns. For your surfing holidays in Maldives you should not miss out on Cokes.


Surfing Maldives: Cokes 3 feet wave Thulusdhoo

Three feet wave at Cokes surf point, Thuslusdhoo

As the swell size & period increases, the fun peaks turn to long workable walls. The best swells of the year allow for almond shaped barrels on the deepest take off point that widen into proper round stand up barrels through the middle & end section. Offering quality rides from waist height swells, right up to triple over head – Cokes is the ‘Go to’ spot for those who like some action in their waves.

Surfing Maldives: Chickens wave, Thulusdhoo

Chickens is a medium power wave in Thulusdhoo for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Chickens: Beginners to intermediate surfers wave

Across the channel from Thulusdhoo island lies the surf break known as Chickens, named after the now closed poultry farm that once existed on the island. At small size this wave offers long rides with a thin lip and fun usable nature. Waves can peel at a high speed, or be much slower depending on the swell direction. At a small size this wave is a favorite with confident beginner to intermediate surfers, the flat and relatively deep bottom being very forgiving in nature. With Cokes and Chickens just around the corner our guesthouse offers you a perfect starting point for daily surf trips or to relax on the beautiful beach. Turquois water, palm swings and white sand you will just enjoy your surf holidays on Thulusdhoo.


Surfing Maldives: Barrel wave at Chickens surf spot

Surfing Maldives: Barrel wave at Cokes surf spot

As the swell size approaches double overhead, the gentle nature of Chickens changes to a super fast medium power wave offering very long rides with eye watering speed and power throughout. The best swells of the year offer long barrels with sections for big drawn out power turns and long section floaters. Regarded by many as the best left in the Maldives.

Cokes Surf Shack: Your Surfer Guesthouse on Thulusdhoo island

Our guesthouse Cokes Surf Shack aims to provide surfers with the best guides and facilities for getting you to the best waves on offer on any given day throughout the surf season. Our surfing transfers are reliable and efficient, our guides priding themselves on their ability to get you to the waves at a moments notice. Weather conditions can change very quickly in the tropics, and when a wind shift transforms a sloppy day of waves into something special, your Cokes Surf Shack guides will get you out there the quickest.

Boat transfers to distant surf spots

For your Maldives surfing experience boat transfers can be arranged to more distant surf breaks including Jails, Ninjas, and some lesser surfed spots. These waves can get exceptionally good in the right conditions, or can simply provide a fun alternative to the surf spots on offer right out the front.

Hire Boards

A small number of hire boards are available for those unable to travel with their own surfboard. Please contact us for info on what board sizes are currently available.